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About Us
Who are we?

Pulsar Technologies LLC is a company engaged to improve your daily life with technology, or enhance your business with our vast software and hardware experience, bringing to life very useful innovations in the tech field.

In a fast changing world, we constantly adapt and design solutions for automation, green energy and cloud technologies.

What do we do?

Pulsar Technologies is capable of producing both software and hardware solutions, having knowledge of the entire production pipeline: from the early prototype to the actual product box and advertising materials. With our vast experience from over 100 projects, we are able to create virtually any type of software on any type of platform / device and we can achieve amazing hardware & iOT projects for any applications.

Press, Media & Events
It's about the iHouse system, which is the next generation of smart home. It's a very intelligent system which takes care of our home.
From revolutionary smart home systems to full VR experiences, Pulsar Technologies is bringing the future with groundbreaking tech.
iHouse is a very practical, intuitive and super easy to use system that takes the concept of smart home to a whole new level.
G-Force, the Lightning Hero, offers a breathtaking flight experience in a 1.5k downloaded MVP, massive multiplayer cross platform & VR game.
[...] You can secure your home with an app (iHouse) 100% created in Romania.
I just arrived at my favorite stand so far (at Romexpo). [...] iHouse, a kit that contains everything you need for a connected home.
Pulsar Technologies comes with a prototype that promises a revolution in the smart home field. The product is called iHouse.
(iHouse) is about a system that doesn't need dedicated wired smart home infrastructure, everything is wireless.